A long time ago, in a parallel dimension
PY Story 1

to Earth, there was a magical island-world known simply as Pangya. All was peaceful in Pangya until one day, an evil force summoned by the Demon King, came crashing down upon the land. This dark energy created a force field around Pangya that drained the life from the land.

The world of Pangya became weaker and weaker

PY Story 2

with every passing day. Flowers withered, trees grew barren, and the earth lost its green. The people of Pangya could not come up with a solution to rid their land of the evil presence. Until one day...

...the inhabitants of the land realized that all of the life force

PY Story 3

from Pangya was being drained to the Demon King through a hole in the force field. They quickly gathered and came up with a plan. They would collect the spirit force of all living things into a magic crystal ball they called the Mystical Phoenix. They knew if they placed this into the hole of the force field, they could defeat the evil which has plagued them.

But the power of the crystal became so great with the spirit

PY Story 4

force that it could not be touched by human hands. So the people in Pangya created the Air Lance, a tool in the shape of a stick to hit the Mystical Phoenix ball into the hole of the evil force field. But the crystal grew weaker every time it was struck, so it was very important to hit the ball into the hole with the fewest amount of strokes possible. It was a warrior from Earth who was finally able to accomplish this feat, ridding the island from the evil force for good.

The warrior became a celebrated hero for bringing peace

PY Story 5

and beauty back to Pangya. In honor of him, the game of Albatross18 is played today in the world of Pangya. The name Albatross was chosen because it is the best shot one can hit in the game outside of a hole-in-one. And 18 stood for the number of holes that were played on each course of the island. Today, YOU have been invited to play Albatross18! Come show us your skills and let us celebrate the game that brought magic back to the realms of Pangya.