Also Known As - Azer / Arthur / Fred / Hendry
PY Uncle Bob

Uncle Bob

Albatross18G 057
Albatross18G 014

Age - 41 years old

Specialty - Woods

Strengths - Power and spin control

Price - 29,000 Pang

This short-tempered ex-cop received his invitation to compete in the Albatross18 tournament from the Cross Chronos fairy Lolo. Although he has only been playing in PangYa for 3 months, he has a great passion for the game and works hard to continually improve his skills. Because of his quick-temper, Uncle Bob may demonstrate some behavior that most would not consider the most sportsmanlike. But all in all, he is a good man who can pack a wallop behind his shot. He also has great ability to put spin on the ball.

Stats - Each Character has it's own set of Base Statistics to start with.

Power: 11

Control: 8

Accuracy: 5

Spin: 5

Curve: 2

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