Max - The British Guy

Albatross18G 061

Knight(<3)Kia - Staff Member of Pangya Wikia

Age: 23

Type: Buy-able Character

Price: 29,000 Pang

Bio: Max is a professional tennis player from Britain. Losing his parents at a very young age, he was left with nowhere to go and no one to turn to. Tennis helped get his mind off things, however his real childhood dream was to become a fighter pilot. While trying to pursue his dream, he flew into a bad storm that ended in a terrible plane crash. Max woke up the next day on Pangya Island when the Chronos Clan found him washed up on the shore. Max has decided to enter the Albatross18 tournament after discovering that the Silvia Battleship’s captain, Cecilia, will be there - giving Max the perfect chance to pursue his fighter pilot aspirations…

Character Stats:

Power: 12

Control: 10

Accuracy: 6

Spin: 1

Curve: 1

Tip: Okay may need to buy some spin items for Max. To be on the safe side also upgrade his curve a bit. Don't forget accuracy!

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