Kooh - youngest character in Pangya

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Age: 11

Price: 29,000 Pang

Bio: Kooh is a young and stubborn pirate and as the captain of the famous ship, Lunar Tomb, she has traveled to many exotic places. She may be young, but she has a great sense of control and power. Kooh is in search for her father who has been missing for some time now. He has vanished since his fight with the Demon King. Most people were convinced that Kooh`s father went to the Demon King willingly, and the crew now believes that they were betrayed. That is when she took over and led the people to the Realms of Pangya and set up camp in Libera. This was the destination her father set forth before the horrid battle with the Demon King. Kooh is in search for her father to reveal the truth, but his memory will always remain within his cannon that Kooh brings with her.

Character Stats:

Power: 10 Control: 11 Accuracy: 4 Spin: 3 Curve: 1

As you can see Kooh is pretty much evened out with control and power. This is a good thing but her spin, accuracy, and curve is poor. You really don't have to worry about curve but if you want those chip-ins and hole-in-ones; upgrade that spin and accuracy!

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